Adhesive points round ø 50mm

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Additional transparent adhesive dots for extra long cartons.
There are 2 packaging units.

1250 pieces or 2500 pieces.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

product contains: 1250 piece

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Select the appropriate quantity. There are 1250 / 2500 pieces in one packaging unit (PU),

1250 pieces = 1 PU with one roll of 1250 pieces, ø 50mm
2500 pieces = 1 PU with two rollers with 1250 pieces each, ø 50mm

The adhesive points provide additional security for long boot boxes and are a supplement to NuGrip.

The adhesive point is glued to the bottom of the box, to the lid and to the bottom.

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1250, 2500


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