NuGrip »take it!« – in red

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take it! - NuGrip is the carrying strap for cardboard packaging.

The carrying strap is easily and quickly attached to a carton. How easy NuGrip works, we show in this video. YouTube Video - NuGrip, how does it work? NuGrip is a simple carrying strap with an adhesive surface at each end with peelable protective films. The strap is stuck to a cardboard box like a handle. A shoebox is securely closed by gluing it to the sides of the lid and bottom and can be carried easily. NuGrip replaces the carrier bag with the existing carton.

Select the appropriate quantity. One packaging unit contains 1200, 2400 or 5000 pieces, which are bundled in handy quantities (100 pieces) for the cashier area. The largest packaging unit has a size of 66 x 39 x 11 cm. This reduces the storage volume by over 90 percent compared to 5000 carrier bags.

NuGrip offers it here as a carrying strap in the eye-catching look in red with the white lettering "take it!".

Version: take it!
Version: red strap with white lettering.

Packaging: 1 PU = 1200/ 2400 or 5000 pieces in a corrugated cardboard box ready for shipping, bundled with elastic bands to 100 pieces.

Version: take it!
Version: red strap with white lettering.
size NuGrip: 62,5 x 3,2 cm

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1200, 2400, 5000


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